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Provide you with professional solutions to make users better use our products

Hangzhou Jingda Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 1994, Hangzhou Jingda Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that continuously carries out research and technological achievements in the high-tech field, which is supported by the national key support of research, development, production, sales and service of smart metering instruments. After 25 years of sustainable development, the company's business involves water, electricity, gas, heat and other smart metering and remote meter reading management systems and provides comprehensive solutions. The company has all-round research and development capabilities of hardware, software, structural parts and design of intelligent water meters. It has a number of patents for inventions, utility model patents and design patents for smart water meters. Many of them have filled the gaps in the domestic industry and have comprehensive strength.

The company has an independent modern R & D and production base - Jingda Science and Technology Park, located in the west of Hangzhou, adjacent to the Alibaba headquarters, with a building area of 40,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of millions of smart meters, is a large domestic water One of the R&D and production bases for smart meters and systems such as electricity, gas and heat.     

Based on the business philosophy of "product quality is life, customer satisfaction is the purpose", Jingda has service points throughout the country to ensure that every user can get fast and efficient service. Jingda is marching into becoming a professional supplier of civil intelligent measuring instruments in the world with a large-scale and intensive attitude!


Learn about the latest developments in the competition and pass the valid information to you as soon as possible.

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